Skin Care Service

Indulge your locks with our specialized hair care solutions. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to revitalizing and nurturing your hair, leaving it vibrant and full of life.

Skin Care Services

Anti ageing treatments

  1. 4 layer –
  2. Anti-ageing fruit facial.
  3. Pumpkin peel
  4. Organic anti-aging facial
  5. Shape n shine face firming

Pigmentation and tan removal

  1. perfection white
  2. insta fair skin lightening treatment
  3. skin whitening fruit facial
  4. anubis facial
  5. organic brightening facial

Acne treatment

  1. Skin purifying
  2. Milk moose


  1. hydra facial
  2. hydro – nourishment

Skin rejuvenation

  1. vital facial
  2. Shine radiance
  3. Gold facial
  4. Cosmo glow
  5. Layer radiance
  6. Radiance fruit facial
  7. Anti blemish fruit facial
  8. Sensitive skin fruit facial

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